Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How We're Going to Do This: Our Content Calendar

Now let's move from noble intentions to effective action. So we can organize and mobilize, here are our blog's content calendar--a plan that should make for a fun, super helpful, and favored resource for all of us who really want to make the family dinner hour possible. Since this is essentially "launch week" for our blog, let's start the plan (below) next week:

Monday: I'll announce the weekly theme and share some related ideas and tips plus a great recipe or two. Themes will be fun and easy to work with. For instance, obvious themes for October could be recipes involving pumpkin, or apple recipes, or Halloween-oriented meals, or etc. Themes will revolve around holidays, seasons, grandma's favorites, family favorites, memories, and etc. And please don't hesitate to share your suggestions for themes. We're all in this together!

Tuesday: Would you share DESSERT-related ideas and tips, recipes, etc? Why dessert first? Two reasons: 1) dessert is a big draw, so if there are any neigh-sayers in the family, dessert might just be they way to get them to the table, and 2) kids like to make desserts, so this is a good way to get them involved in the process of helping you make dinner hour happen.

Wednesday: ENTREES--with emphasis on easy, remember. Maybe start with a family favorite.

Thursday: CASSEROLES--and don't forget to tie into our theme, if possible. Do you have a recipe you can't live without?

Friday: SOUPS AND STEWS--crockpot recipes make it all so easy, and freezing ideas would be good as well. The sky's the limit!

Saturday: BREADS AND MUFFINS--I have a boatload of ideas for you on this, and I bet you do too. "What says lovin' better than somethin' from the oven?" to quote Betty Crocker!

Sunday: Let's take a break and get ready for the new week. We'll show up loaded for bear!

And of course, amidst it all, please be sure to share memories--dinner hour and otherwise. Well, my mouth is watering already, and I can hardly wait to see what you have to contribute. So until next time, here's to making family dinner hour possible!


  1. My husband and I nearly always eat together but it is way later than it should be and sometimes dinner prep becomes a hardship and dreaded task. This sounds like a fun idea!

  2. Can't wait! - hmmm . . . thinking of recipes . . .
    I'll be back Monday with something to share:)

    me again

  3. kPK1tI83...We have the same dinner deal at our house. I'm trying to change things via crockpot meals, and this is helping a lot. Thank you for your comment and for joining us!