Friday, March 26, 2010

A Fun "Together-Time" Idea and Left-Over Pot Roast

As we continue to look for ways to spend less, yet enjoy life more, I'm always searching for fun things to do as a family (I call this "Together-Time" Ideas) that cost little to nothing. And of course, the hunt for great left-overs recipes is always ongoing. 

Not long ago, my friend and co-worker, Barbara, gave me ideas for both issues. First, her "Together-Time" Idea:

Make it an "eat-in" night! Bag up an individual meal for each family member to "drive through" and pick up. Use paper money and include a math lesson with this, your own brand of Happy Meal. Sounds fun, huh? 

Now, do YOU have ideas for cost-free fun we can have with our families? Please share--since we're all in this together, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. Let's help each other. If you're having trouble leaving comments (I've heard from some of you that this is the case), then just email me and I'll be sure to let everyone know of your suggestions (

Now for a yummy use of left-overs--roast beef to be precise. This recipe could make an excellent "drive-through" meal for this clever "Time-Together" Idea. And the same invitation exists for recipes: Please share if you have a tip for a good "drive-through" meal. I love the synergy that results as we support one another in this important goal of eating together. So here's to some affordable family fun as we make family dinner hour possible!

RANCH BEEF PITAS (make 4 pita halves)
2 pita breads (8-inches in diameter)
4 C romaine and leaf lettuce (from 10 oz bag)
1 1/3 C cubed cooked roast beef
4 roma (plum) tomatoes, cut lengthwise in half, then sliced
1/2 C ranch dressing
1/4 C sliced red onion, if desired
(And any other additions you might like: sprouts, sliced black olives, diced celery, etc.)

Cut pita breads in half; open to form pockets. Toss lettuce, beef, tomatoes (etc.) and dressing in large bowl. Divide among pita bread halves. Top with onion, if desired. Serve immediately, or wrap in plastic wrap and serve as part of a "drive-through" meal. This sandwich is perfect for picnics, tailgate parties, or to take along on a road trip. Just be sure they're kept cool until eaten.


  1. A thing of beauty. I love it. Great blog too. One day you should stop over to my blog where sandwiches RULE. Keri (a.k.a. Sam)

  2. Keri, thanks for commenting. I appreciate the encouraging words! AND, I love YOUR blog and am adding it to my "Blogs I Love" list. I'd like to continue visiting with you, if that's OK?

  3. Oh! Just the thought of leftover pot roast makes me salivate . . . I need to cook more this week :)


  4. I just made a new recipe using leftover shredded pot roast: Barbecue Soup: 3 cans beef broth, a few cups shredded pot roast (doesn't matter how much), 1/2 C uncooked lentils, 1 chopped onion, garlic powder to taste, 1/2 traditional barbecue sauce. This is fantastic with biscuits!