Thursday, March 8, 2012

5 More Uses for Spaghetti!

We love it on a plate smothered in marinara sauce, but did you know this common pasta has a few more lives? There are at least 5 more uses for spaghetti that we know of, and you may know of more. (If you do, please share!)

Use # 1: We light candles with a strand of spaghetti. We found, quite by accident (because we were out of matches), that a strand that we lit at our stove burner could light an entire birthday cake's worth of candle wicks (and no burnt fingers).

Use # 2: A strand of spaghetti makes an excellent cookbook book mark. We were in the Cook'n Magazine's test kitchen and found this out by accident as well. We needed a bookmark fast, and there was the lowly unsuspecting spaghetti, just laying there waiting to be given another job!

Use # 3: We ran out of skewers but needed 4 more to finish our plate of fruit kabobs, so once again, we discovered spaghetti! It worked perfectly.

Use # 4: Spaghetti strands do just fine in cake testing, so if you run out of toothpicks, it's no big deal!

Use # 5: We use broken spaghetti strands to preserve our frosting job when transporting iced cakes. We poke a few pieces into the tops and sides of our cake and cover the whole thing in plastic wrap. When we arrive, we remove the plastic and spaghetti, and no one's the wiser.

So how cool is this? Unsuspecting spaghetti can do so much more than provide the base for a popular pasta dish! If you have other ideas, please share them. We're all in this together, remember. Until next time, then, here's to family dinner made easy as we put the 'ol spaghetti strand to work!

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  1. I like these ideas! I'll have to remember these :)