Wednesday, March 21, 2012


You may be wondering what pasta slurping has to do with anything. First of all, this is just kind of a fun subject! But for those of you who have real issues with the way people eat you will appreciate your voice being heard, albeit indirectly! There seems to be one person in every family who goes a little bonkers when one of the siblings slurps his food or even scrapes the sides of the cereal bowl with his spoon to get every last drop of SUGAR!  We all have some kind of bugaboo. We bring this up because, quite frankly, some people have way too much fun eating their noodles. You know it’s kind of cute to watch a baby make a mess with spaghetti but watching an adult make a mess … not so much!

Some people use a large spoon as leverage to twist the spaghetti onto the fork but many eating establishments do not supply a spoon. We think the spoon and fork technique is rather cleaver and definitely less messy. Masters of etiquette say to serve spaghetti in a pasta bowl because the sides of the bowl can be used as leverage, which allows you to use the bowl to help twirl the noodles onto your fork. 
We are wondering how many first dates don’t turn into second dates because of pasta etiquette. Table manners are still important, especially, if you are trying to show some class or professionalism. The fact of the matter is that the more you know about table manners the less uncomfortable you will feel eating in public.

Okay, it’s true that all techniques of eating spaghetti are not foolproof. Sometimes the spaghetti falls off the fork. We say let it fall! This is not a good time to start slurping and flipping spaghetti sauce in your neighbor’s eye. Just start the twirling process all over again.

So, how is the best way to solve noodle slurping? Practice of course! When you have a little extra time for dinner, have an etiquette night. It’s a time to practice how to eat so you don’t drive other people crazy. Good table manners are a good way to give you and your family confidence when eating in public. 

What are some of your bugaboo's when it comes to table manners. We want to hear from you. This could be fun!

Happy Noodle eating!


  1. I cut my noodles... not as fun to eat that way, but then I won't worry about slurping :)
    My biggest gripe about table manners: people eating with their mouths open!! It drives me crazy at and away from the table!

  2. Xantogal, we agree with the open mouth thing. Another thing that bugs us is the picky-eater. We grew up in humble circumstances when sometimes there wasn't a whole lot to eat, so we were grateful for what showed up on the table. Our folks had no patience with the "I don't like this..." whininess, and we've pretty much translated that attitude to our own families!