Monday, April 16, 2012

Beat the High Cost of Groceries with the FOOD-SAVER

We have a neighbor, our friend Holly, that is an avid user of the FOOD-SAVER. Have you heard of or do you use this tool?

She's so sold on it that she could be doing infomericals for the company. She says it's her #1 tool for beating the high cost of groceries.

We're listening to her closely, because we've been tossing a lot of food lately that's picked up freezer burn. (Ugh, ugh, ugh--freezer burn is so nasty, and we've never figured out a way to overcome that horrid taste.) And of course, we realize that along with throwing away food, we're throwing away money! (Ugh, ugh, ugh to that one as well!)

So, we're wanting to know what  you think as well. Where's the best place to buy it, what tips do you have for using it, etc.? Bottom line, what do we need to know before we head off to shopper-land?

And along with FOOD-SAVER information, do you have tips on freezing food in general? What are your favorite freezer containers, for instance? Let's talk more about this--we all want to save some money and still have tasty food to put on the table. So that said, here's to family dinner made easy as we look to smart ways to freeze our food safely!

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  1. A little late I know but better than no response. Right? I'm all about saving money and a Food Saver has been at the top of my wish list for what seems like years now, but other things always came first. However I walked into the local Goodwill yesterday and guess what! I spied this bad boy for just $8.50!! Can you imagine that? I've had it just 24 hours and I'm thisclose to vacumm sealing my couch. Kidding, but seriously I'm am going to do some damage after I scoop up the last of the summer produce at the farmers market tomorrow.