Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Money Secrets of the Amish: Finding True Abundance...

Have you discovered this book yet--Money Secrets of the Amish: Finding True Abundance in Simplicity, Saving, and Sharing? We couldn't put it down--read it cover to cover in just a couple days. And now we're re-reading it.

We thought today we'd just share a random list of some very cool things we've learned, in case you haven't read this inspiring book:

1) visit freecycle.org--check it out and see why this is one of the neatest sites around!

2) go to barterquest.com, JoeBarter.com, SwapThing.com, U-Exchange.com, and of course there's tried and true Craigslist.com--more wonderful sites to visit. Why pay for something, or for services, if you can barter?

3) with the warm weather coming, plan on saving your empty ketchup and condiment bottles (some lotion and shampoo bottles as well); rinse them out and turn them into highly efficient SQUIRT GUNS!

4) stop spending money on dryer sheets; form into a ball all those bits and pieces of aluminum foil you've been saving (or just take a new sheet and roll it into a ball), then toss it in the dryer with the wet laundry. It removes static and never has to be changed!

5) turn stained tablecloths and old cotton clothes into dinner napkins; you don't even need to sew, just cut the fabric to the size you want then fray the edges; tres cool and such a smart way to go green!

6) avoid debt like the plague; Amish Bishop, Jakob, says "Buy now, pay later doesn't really work. Making interest payments is like paying for a dead horse."

7) consider their wonderful and inspiring philosophy: Chasing after money and things is meaningless, because the best things in life are free. Throughout the book you can read about folks who say over and over, "We have everything we need right here." We think they've found bliss!

We know you likely already knew much of this, and like us, if you read this book you'll be saying to yourself, "Oh, we do that; or Oh, I believe that, or Oh, I was taught that too." But we wanted to pass this title on with our encouragement to read it, if you haven't. It's inspiring, motivating, heart-warming, and validating. We can learn so much from each other, so we ask if you have a book you'd recommend too? Let us know; and until next time, here's to family dinner made easy as we seek and find inspiration from good books such as Money Secrets of the Amish...!

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  1. Great hints and tips . . . looking to see if they have a Kindle version available!