Monday, January 21, 2013

SAVVY Meal Prep Idea!

We will be recommending and quoting from blogs we just love, as we go along. For instance, from, we found this very savvy meal prep idea--if you're not already doing what Roxy is doing, seriously consider it. And when you're done reading, head on over to for other very inspiring posts! The author is Roxy Marj, and you'll lover her! Now, here meal prep idea:
"Food! A big chunk of money is lost when not planning meals. This isn't a new idea and most of you already know about that. However, even though I know this...I wasn't implementing it in our life. So I decided that I needed visual references to help me do this. I also like making meals that share many of the same ingredients (which also naturally saves money. :) 

"So what I did was print out pictures of some favorite meals from my Pinterest board [you can obviously do this with a magazine too] and then I rubber-cemented them onto heavy cardstock (3x5 cards will work). I then found some clothespins, and clipped them on the side of our chalk board in the kitchen. I  then wrote the basic ingredients that each meal needs next to the image. To the left of that is a column for what I need to buy for any of the meals.

"And then on the back of each picture is the actual recipe and website.  The simple recipe below is of the cucumber -lemon water." (A big "thank you!" to Roxy for this neat idea!)

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