Thursday, March 7, 2013


Just a quick little note today to suggest that March is a good time to get more organized in your kitchen so meal prep will be quicker and easier.

A place to start is to look around and see if things are being stored closest to "point of use." A perfect example of what we mean: Your mesh strainer or colander. These tend to be bulky items, so sitting them inside a cupboard isn't the best idea--they're taking up precious space other things could use.

The alternative? Store them closest to "point of use." Where do you use these tools? At the sink. So store them there, but don't sit them there, HANG them there. Either pound a small finish nail at a severe angle into the inside cupboard door, or attach a plastic hook--the kind that has double-sided adhesive sticky tape.

Here's Alice's colander (old, shabby, and well-used), hanging on the inside of the door of her sink cupboard, from said hook. There's plenty of space next to the colander for the mesh strainer to hang as well.

Alice learned to hang as much as possible when she was raising her 7 children in a home that had a kitchen the size of a phone booth! Next to no cupboards and few drawers made it necessary to come up with alternate storage solutions--hanging things on the insides of cupboard doors was her answer.

So if you're singing the "Got No Storage" Blues, then hanging might be your answer--just be sure to put things closest to "point of use." In the meantime, here's to doin' what we can to make Dinner Our happen!

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