Thursday, April 11, 2013

Better Organization: Make the Most of Cupboard Space!

You can increase your storage space and improve your cupboard organization along the way by adding quarter-round trim to the backs of cupboards that house plates and platters.

This handy and affordable trim is found at all big box home stores (Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, etc.). Here's what to do:

1) Measure the length of your cupboard(s) and buy enough trim to meet your measurements. Lowe's will even cut it to specified lengths, if you ask.
2) Paint it the color of the inside of your cupboards (most likely, white).
3) Remove everything from the cupboard (wipe it down, if needed), and tack or glue the trim onto the cupboard floor, about 1/2-inch away from the back wall of the cupboard.

Now you're ready to stand plates and platters up. This technique keeps them handy, frees up space for other things, and is pretty to look at. This is the inside of my tableware cupboard, where we installed this trim on the cupboard floor where we keep our dinnerware:

I wanted a handy place where I could get to my butter plates easily. This works well.

                   And there's plenty of room for our dinner plates, and nice salt and pepper shakers.

This set-up is actually called a Plate Rack Cupboard, and was common in turn-of-the-century homes. But in today's homes, you'll never see it, so we add it ourselves. See if this idea doesn't work well to create better organization and add more useable space in your cupboards. Meanwhile, here's to creating a kitchen that's easier to work in so we can get more great home-cooked meals on the table!


  1. I will apply this in my future home!

  2. Great plan Liz! Such a simple feature adds so much more useability to our cupboards!